Museum Night Amsterdam 2022
5 November
19:00 - 02:00 hrs

There is a crisis at Nieuw Dakota: water is pouring into the building through all the cracks and holes in the ceiling. The rain is collected by several buckets, but the landlord does not want to fix the leakage....

In the exhibition Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste, five artists have created work around the theme of 'crisis'. Join us during Museum Night to see how they visualise this and enrich yourself with advice so that you can handle all the setbacks in life yourself. And if nothing helps, you can always cry really hard...

Artist Elia Castino and actress Marieke Giebels set a good example: during Museum Night at Nieuw Dakota you can experience the special three-hour performance THE ONLY THING THAT JUSTIFIES MY TEARS by Elia Castino. In her course Sixty Seconds of Sadness, Marieke Giebels teaches you how to burst into tears on command to completely free yourself. The course lasts about ten minutes and is taught multiple times.

Stop by Nieuw Dakota for art, performances, drinks and some tears.

AFF x Nieuw Dakota
During Museum Night, Nieuw Dakota and Amsterdam Ferry Festival (AFF) join forces. On the ferry between NDSM and Central Station, artists Paulien Oltheten, Annelies Kamen and Maartje Wortel will show work as an extension of the exhibition Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste which is currently on view at Nieuw Dakota. Take the ferry on Saturday November 5 between 19:00 and 22:00 hrs to discover even more of the artists' work.

NDSM wharf
In addition to Nieuw Dakota, the NDSM wharf has many more exciting things to offer during Museum Night. Stichting NSDM-werf presents light art works in public space and don't forget to pay STRAAT a visit for a graffiti spraying workshop.

For a ticket or a more detailed programme visit the website of Museum Night Amsterdam

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