At Nieuw Dakota, we consider it of great importance to introduce children and young adults to art that helps them undertand the society they are living within. For this reason, we offer various educational programmes that focus on the topics and themes that we explore in our exhibitions. We do this in the hope that we broaden the worldview of our visitors, and we are not afraid to push boundaries to achieve this. Within our educational programmes, we challenge our visitors to step out of their comfort zone, so that they will rethink any previously held prejudices and open themselves up to new ideas. These programmes consist of guided tours, lectures, workshops and other activities. 


Amsterdam-Noord is a cultural breeding ground that's full of exciting new intiatives, so it is no wonder that the NDSM-wharf is one of the biggest cultural centres of Amsterdam. In this area we offer many opportunities for kids, young adults and students to learn and discover new things. Here, at Nieuw Dakota, we pride ourselves on being one of the institutions that contribute to the innovative character of Amsterdam-Noord, and love to cooperate with schools from around the area so their children can see what it is that makes their neighborhood so special. An example of this is our ongoing collaboration with the Elzenhagen school, for whom we organise workshops and guided tours. 


If you are interested in one of our educational programmes, please send an email to Trijntje Smeets via