On Friday night, 8 September, we open our doors with a new edition of Dakota By Night. Be welcome to a night where everything is possible: from a pre-raphaelite dream pop musical to an explosion of a self-destructive fan, from getting carried away by piano music to sweating at a total body workout, from extra-terrestrial soundwaves to an unique pop-soul electronic soundmix. 

Participating artists
Isha Forster is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer working under the alias Phantom Wizard. He releases experimental sounds that are at the intersection of jazz, ambient, folk and electronic music. At Nieuw Dakota, he presents a solo performance where ambient and piano come together, taking the listener to another dimension. 
Philip Vermeulen is an artist known for his large-scale installations that encompass his exploration of Zero art, sound, kinetic art, and audiovisual art. His pieces evoke playfulness, seduction, self-destruction, and delirium, effectively captivating Vermeulen’s audience. During Dakota By Night, he will present his artwork Fan, an auto-destructive mobile comprised of lengthy elastic cables tautly extended between a fan and a wall.
Cold in Church is an art collective that thrives on the tension between artistic and performative expressions. The performance titled Because the Water Hyacinths will take place at Dakota By Night. During this performance, Cold in Church draws from diary excerpts, drag, theatrical interludes, dialogues, and poems, creating gateways into the world of a pre-Raphaelite dream pop musical.
Powered by alien forces disguised as electronic drums, 1980s synthesisers and haunting guitar effects, trio Daisy Daisy explores the world of colourful synthetic sounds immersed in the gutter of everyday life. At Dakota By Night, Daisy Daisy will play a set inspired by childlike themes ranging from colourful plastics to alien space travel.
In their role as musician, artist Caz Egelie has developed their own unique sound under the pseudonym menu menu. They will close Dakota By Night with a stew of pop, mixed with 90s R&B and house with a hint of techno.
Artist Kexin Hao merges disciplines such as design, performance, gaming, clubbing and fitness in her work. Her performance Total Body Workout is inspired by mass gymnastics exercises in Asia: you do not watch, but experience it with her, from head to toe.

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