Can art as research help us understand the world in a different way? And what kind of knowledge does it produce?

Artistic research is a process, but it can also be understood as a processor: A powerful instrument to bring different spaces, times and systems into dialogue with each other. The artist-researchers in this exhibition are all engaged in redefining ‘knowledge’ in the field of research. For these artists, research proves to be a form of navigation: Creating pathways through a myriad of questions and sources of information. The works that are part of this exhibition reveal the artists’ personal journeys into connecting these diverging fields of knowledge and understanding.

Creator Doctus (CrD)
Creator Doctus (CrD) is the title of a newly developed degree in the field of Higher Arts Education Institutions, that has been initiated by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in close collaboration with the partners listed below. To earn this award –which is equivalent to PhD– artists are not required to write a dissertation. Instead, the CrD trajectory puts the development of artistic methods and results first, cultivating creative and innovative models for artistic research. The artists in Processing Space-Times are all affiliated with the Creator Doctus project. 

Arnas Anskaitis
Joan Ayrton with Hanako Murakami
Femke Herregraven
Saoirse Higgins
Theodoros Giannakis
Jane Jin Kaisen
Caroline Meyer-Jürshof

Astrid Korporaal

Vilnius Academy of Arts
l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy
The Glasgow School of Arts
Athens School of Fine Arts
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Merz Akademie