Paper Spirits / Soil Mates – Suzanne Bernardt & Didi Lehnhausen: 4-19 juli

June 28, 2019  |  Current, Exhibitions, General, Upcoming

Opening: July 7 - 4-6 pmPerformances and live music i.c.w. Vincent Boschma (Gare no More / Blue Bunny): July 19 A collection of works made from soil and paper in-between Surinam, Indonesia and the Netherlands. 

In the context of political and technical developments of the post-colonial era Suzanne Bernhardt and Didi Lehnhausen worked as artist-in-residence and conducted a material research. Working with archives, collections and mouth-to-mouth information, fragments of history revealed themselves in different forms. Encountering history before through appropriated “artifacts” and “photographic evidence” within institutes in the Netherlands the artists were now confronted with the physical knowledge of the  countries. Re-thinking history through materials, pictures and techniques that are adapted and sometimes lost in progress. 

Suzanne Bernhardt focused her research on the ancient techniques of ceramics. The rituals... more

You can also draw a line together – Liesje van de Berk: 4-14 juli

June 27, 2019  |  Current, Exhibitions, General, Upcoming

You can also draw a line togetherBlack hole or light point

Dates and times 5, 11,12 July 16:00 6, 7, 13,14 July 14:00 and 16:00 60 minutesStart location: Nieuw Dakota, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b, Amsterdam

Everything is possible on a white paper, a blank page.Step out of your comfort bubble and leave your phone behind.In this performative walk we enter through drawing actions a dialogue with Amsterdam Noord and each other. Feel, see, smell, listen and experience.Get invited by a subtle pencil line or an action to create a connection.So you come to new thoughts about Amsterdam Noord, the other and yourself.

A man calling wildly gesticulating as if the person on the other end of the line can see him, but only an audience that does not hear his... more

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