The cultural parties on NDSM are joining forces for a monthly event: NDSM Get Lost. Every last Thursday evening of the month, several cultural organizations open their doors to show visitors all the beautiful things NDSM has to offer.

Exactly which parties are participating changes from month to month. Beautiful Distress, Project Space, Stichting NDSM-werf, Contrast, and Nieuw Dakota are joining this time. 


Beautiful Distress

In the exhibition Being moved things around. Deferral at Hillside, artist Stephan Blumenschein presents a new installation arising from his research into anxiety, architecture and the 'extended medical gaze'.

Project Space On The Inside

The exhibition the artist is a beast shows an impressive selection of figurative paintings from Edwin Oostmeijer’s collection. The works on display are radiant, vivid, and at times absurd. Together they explore the complex relationship between art and the human condition. Among more than 35 different artists on display, you will find notable works by renowned painters such as Rose Wylie, Katherine Bradford, Danny Fox, and many others.

Stichting NDSM-werf
Stichting NDSM-werf joins with two projects:

'Dazzle Trip' is a series of new images shown in various art installations that celebrate gender diversity in the public space and provide a glimpse into the universe of artist, designer, and queer activist Yamuna Forzani.

IN TUNE by Henk Schut is about finding a new balance between people and their environment by appealing to our hearing and listening abilities. Just like tuning a musical instrument, which requires extreme listening and observing, we as humans must keep listening and tune in with our environment.

Contrast Amsterdam
In their MENU exhibition, Robbie Postma (chef) and Robert Harrison (photographer) take a closer look at the backbone of creating a fine dining experience. In this artistic space, culinary art clashes with photography to create a new experience situated on the verge of cuisine and visual art. 

Nieuw Dakota is free to all visitors during NDSM Get Lost.

Cultural partners on NDSM
Ateliers X-hellingBeautiful distressDe KunststadMACANDSM FuseNDSM HerleeftNDSM Print, NDSM TheaterNieuw DakotaOver Het IJProject Space On The InsideStichting NDSM-werfSTRAAT museumTreehouse NDSMContrast Amsterdam and Door Open Space