In 2010 Nieuw Dakota started as a pioneer, when the landscape on the NSDM-ward was remarkably different then it is today. The name refers to the adventurous spirit of the Midwest. In the language of the Sioux natives Americans, Dakota means ‘friend’ or ‘friendly’, which by the etymological dictionary is translated as ‘allies’.

Since the foundation of Nieuw Dakota a network of friends and ambassadors – the Pioneers – provide us financial support and advice. The Allies are the people who and/or companies that associate themselves with Nieuw Dakota, because of the enthusiasm for visual art that they share. This alliance is expressed in a financial gift of 1500,- euro p. year – if not transferred periodically. The Allies contribute to continuity and a solid foundation for Nieuw Dakota.

Together, the Allies and the Pioneers form an inspirational network in which original connections emerge. It enables Nieuw Dakota to remain adventurous and experimental by initiating and realizing contemporary art projects, exhibitions and events and engage in new – as well as maintain long-term – collaborations.




Nieuw Dakota organizes atelier visits, artists talks and previews for Pioneers and Allies.
For a small price it is possible the rend a (conference)room and the garden. If desirable, your name or logo can be mentioned on our wall of fame, on the website or on our press.


For the continuity of Nieuw Dakota financial support of individuals and companies is indispensable. Do you want to support us? Become Pioneer and Ally! You can sign in with one of our employees or through our digital application form.

Pioneer €60
Pioneer €150
Ally €1500
Ally Company €5000


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