Making Waves: June 2, 3 & 4

May 28, 2017  |  Exhibitions, General

Making Waves!
Vlag van Compassie & Nieuw Dakota 

On Saturday 3 June the Making Waves fundraising diner takes place: for only €35 you there is an exiting dinner and a programma with performance, art and dance! An exclusive evening for people that make Making Waves possible. Soon we will announce the entire program… Make a reservation  for the dinner and chose how much you want to donate for Making Waves.
Open the pdf, choose a donation and make a reservation!

Making Waves
The first week of june Nieuw Dakota launches the Flag of Compassion in Amsterdam North. This launche starts with Making Waves: a smashing program on 2,3, and 4 june, for which a group of young artists will make performances, radio, workshops, video and installations – all in the context of the Flag of Compassion. During these days the book ‘Compassion, a Paradox in Art and Society” will also be presented publicly for the first time. Apart from attempting the program, you can also participate by buying a Flag of Compassion and – for instance – letting it wave in front of your door.

Flag of Compassion
The Flag of Compassion
is a conceptual art work that people can carry out to signify the term compassion by means of an instrument: the flag. It is a mean to express the general human feeling of compassion independent of politics, legal causes, religion, race and gender. The intention behind the design of the Flag of Compassion is to make it part of the ‘family of flags’. It speaks the ‘language’ of regular flags, those representing nations, institutions, corporations, events of all kinds. But the Flag also has artistic qualities that open the possibility of a new meaning. It functions as a symbol of an artistic idea that relates to a universal value: compassion. As such the Flag relates to all human beings. The Flag of Compassion shows an undulating golden yellow horizontal bar, centrally placed in a white field. The white symbolizes purity, non-violence and peace. The golden yellow represents vital energy, warmth and compassion, as the positive forces of humanity.

The Flag of Compassion
140 x 100 cm  – € 45,00
70 x 50 cm  – € 25,00

Pin Flag of Comapssion
€ 10,00

Cufflinks Flag of Compassion
€ 35,00
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