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Nieuw Dakota accommodates contemporary art in the form of quality arts projects, which are relevant locally, but also nationally and internationally. The exhibitions are accessible, easily to overview, and Nieuw Dakota is located in an extraordinarily dynamic area: the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North.

The approachable character of Nieuw Dakota makes it an open and readily way for visitors, including children and youths, to come into contact with contemporary art and also with artists, curators and others. A meeting with an artist or curator usually leaves a lasting impression with (younger) visitors. Furthermore, contemporary art portrays besides reality also fictive worlds, or comments on society. By reflecting on this during a guided tour, a discussion evening or an educative workshop, space is created for alternative perspectives with which to view the world.

For youths from 13 to 18 years old:

For varying groups of youths tailored educative programs are provided. A program takes approximately two hours and generally starts with a guided tour. The open mind of the youth is the focus point. The group will be shown a video of the artist while creating his or her work – per example in a studio or during the construction of the exhibition. Then the youths will get to work on their own creative assignment. The starting point of the assignments is the concept or the visual aspects of the exhibition, or a combination of both. Frequently meetings with the artist, curator or collector take place during the workshops.

For more information or bookings: educatie@nieuwdakota.com [/columns]

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The workshops for highschool students are developed by Kunst in Noord