About Nieuw Dakota


Nieuw Dakota is a platform for contemporary art on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North. We program exhibitions, organise special events and realise temporary projects in public space. We direct ourselves towards national and international collaborations with artists, curators, galleries and institutions. Projects are realised after thorough research, deliberation and collaboration. Through this process Nieuw Dakota forms an innovative, diverse and stimulating contribution to the cultural climate of Amsterdam and beyond.

With translocality we are trying to describe the connection between the local and the global.  Nieuw Dakota is curiously exploring this concept and trying to describe the mirrored relations between the global and the local and vice versa. We research locality, look for more  (inter)national collaboration and understanding and present artistic talents. With our exploration we try to offer a counterweight to the uniform and shapeless consequences of globalization whoms effects we see around us. From a translocal perspective, the western hegemony should not exist anymore.

Tanja Karreman – director
Anne Kersten – production, communication