About Nieuw Dakota


Nieuw Dakota is an exhibition space for contemporary art, housed on the former NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam-North. Nieuw Dakota offers a versatile programming where artists, partners and audience challenge others and are challenged to an open mind and a new perspective on a changing world. 

The varied exhibitions, guided tours, educational programming, performances and lectures bring the visitor into contact with the experiences and ideas of others. Art makes us curious, broadens our view and expands our world. This makes Nieuw Dakota more than just a physical place; it is a state of mind.

Ellis Kat – director
Anne Kersten – production, communication

Lex Brans – chairman
Xander de Bruine – treasurer
Janiek Dam
Martine Willekens
Casper van der Kruk
Yvonne van der Zee

Program council
Pieter Sanders
Janiek Dam
Maze de Boer
Antonio Jose Guzman