inside outside // art and public space


With ‘Inside Outside’, Nieuw Dakota asks acknowledgement and attention to Art in public domain. We achieve this by means of assignments, projects, debates, lectures and exhibitions in cooperation with artists that in some way engage with the public space.


Recently the NSDM-wharf Foundation initiated the art work Common Ground by Maze the Boer at the Smederijplein, just behind Nieuw Dakota. Common Ground is an Indonesian playground, being shipped to the Netherlands on account of De Boer’s participation in Sonsbeek 2016. At the same time a new playground was built according to Dutch regulations and design and placed on a square in Jakarta. Common Ground shows that cultural differences and local standards do not determine the way children play, it is an universal activity.

In april 2017 the installation Inside Outside was installed permanently in Nieuw Dakota’s back garden. Inside Outside highlights the private space behind garage doors. A garage can be seen as a universal and individual space neither inside nor outside and the interior usually invisible for those who pass by. Inside Outside sheds light on this hidden world and refers to the local industrial activities on the NDSM wharf. What happens behind these garage doors can only spark one’s imagination.


From november 2013 until october 2016 the work ‘A Place Beyond Belief’ by Nathan Coley was installed on a dolphin-structure on the water, along the route of the NSDM-ferry and diagonally opposite to NIeuw Dakota. The work was initiated by Nieuw Dakota and realised in cooperation with Stichting NSDM-ward and the Van Abbemuseum.

A Place Beyond Belief set a dialogue in motion about the special location, previously the NSDM-Warf. Nathan Coley saw this text work as a strong poetic appearance realised by means of aesthetics, choice of words and depth. Hereby the art work connected the environment on different levels. Besides, the art work was also a translation of an important theme in the work of the artist: the relation between public space and the feeling of belonging. ‘A place beyond belief’ was an expression used by an New York citizen during a radio interview in which she, ten years after the attack, memorised 9/11. Hope for the future.

“Rather than a political broadcast, A Place Beyond Belief stresses the importance of faith, not in a strictly defined moral or religious cadre, but more generally, a faith in humanity in all its individual and collective guises.

The suggestion is of a world characterised by competing ideologies but linked by the means people use to proclaim them.  – Nathan Coley

schetsontwerp-inside-outside-maze-de-boerDraft ‘Inside Outside’, Maze de Boer, 2012