Mirador del Silica: January 21 – February 11

The sun has set, the pool lights are on.
They have been on all afternoon.
The changing light casts a shadow on what all day
has been on display: houses, volcanoes, the ocean. 
You can see the texture of the wall, the way the light breaks in the water.
Actually, it is now, that one can see how things work

(text and image: Marieke Schoonderbeek)

Mirador del Silica by Marieke Schoonderbeek and Eva Pel offers a preview of their project One-Man-10-Day-Settlement-29°13° on the Canarian island Lanzarote. Not completely revealed but as an installation, in parts, to encourage the first inspiration and imagination, which is part of the aims of this project.

Mirador del Rio, one of the highest vantage point in Lanzarote, was designed by artist and architect César Manrique in 1973. Silica is a material that exists inside lava and is one of the base materials for making glass. In the Mirador del Silica installation you can see the big picture combined with an eye for detail.

With the One-Man-10-Day-Settlement-29°13° the two artists continue César Manrique’s line of thought. He looked for possibilities how to discover the island for newcomers with a kind of controlled freedom. The Settlement is a temporary living space in the volcanic environment of Lanzarote. In 2018 writer Arnon Grunberg will be living and working there for ten days. After that the whole settlement will disappear, leaving nothing but text and imagination to remember and share this special experience and project.

In Nieuw Dakota we present two objects which will be used in the settlement. These object are for sale and the revenues will be invested into the project.