2. Formal: June 8-11

2. formal
an attempt or effort.
synonyms: attempt,
effort, endeavor, try,
venture, trial, experiment,

Master of Artistic Research, University van Amsterdam
Supported by Gerrit Rietveld Academie

This exhibition presents the final outcome of the two-year program of the Master of Artistic Research of the University of Amsterdam – a program that offers a combined study of theory and art practice. A program that breeds hybrids.

Each of the graduates took the opportunity given by the educational program to develop their own approach to research, both artistically and theoretically. One of its many qualities is that it spawns the wild seeds that manifest what Artistic Research can be and do. Also, this discipline does not have a fixed methodology, a predetermination or repetitive formula.

In the past two years the students have shared conditions and simultaneously developed individual art practice and research. As in a conversation, the five artists engaged in symmetrical interactions among themselves, bringing understandings to the table created by themselves and the surrounding conditions. These circumstances shaped a fertile and varied exploration the overlapping field of production of knowledge both in discursive and aesthetic forms.

This conversational character is mirrored by the conceptualization of the graduate show. The exhibition and its programming turn away from the mere presentation of produced objects, in this case artworks and theses, and focus on the aforementioned character of the Master and the discipline of Artistic Research in general.

As part of the programming, the artists will engage in conversations with the audience and discuss their approach to Artistic Research during the exhibition. These informal gatherings are devised in a specific format, where the artists share ephemeral material from their research to frame the discussion on different aspects thereof as well as on the remaining open questions of their projects. The audience members are invited to contribute with their knowledge and engage in discussing their questions.

The publication collects the shared memories of the last two years from the participants and tutors, and reflects on the complex ongoing conversation and its present conditions. It is conceived as a testimony of both individual and collective experiences, and as a depiction of hybrid knowledge production.

Artists: Linde Bast, Charlotte Beeck, Henryetta Duerschlag, Marie Claire Gellings, Liza Prins

Curated by Mateo Chacon-Pino