Inside Outside

Inside Outside (Outside Nieuw Dakota)
Depth of Field #3 (Inside Nieuw Dakota)

By Maze de Boer

Opening: April 17th (Eastern Monday), 16:00h
Finissage: May 28th 

Maze de Boer’s artwork Inside Outside will be installed in the backyard of Nieuw Dakota. This artwork highlights the private space behind garage doors. A garage can be seen as a universal and individual space neither inside nor outside and the interior usually invisible for those who pass by. Inside Outside sheds light on this hidden world and refers to the local industrial activities on the NDSM wharf. What happens behind these garage doors can only spark one’s imagination.

At the end of last year the NSDM-wharf Foundation initiated De Boer’s artwork Common Ground at the Smederijplein, just behind Nieuw Dakota.
Common Ground is an Indonesian playground, being shipped to the Netherlands on account of De Boer’s participation in Sonsbeek 2016. At the same time a new playground was built according to Dutch regulations and design and placed on a square in Jakarta. Common Ground shows that cultural differences and local standards do not determine the way children play, it is an universal activity.

On the occasion of  Common Ground and Inside Outside, Nieuw Dakota and the NSDM-wharf Foundation commissioned a third temporary (and inside) installation of Maze the Boer: Depth of Field #3. This installation exhibits the hidden world behind the garage doors. A typical ‘mancave’ where dreams may transform to megalomaniac projects. During the exhibition Nieuw Dakota will be part of the appearance of the nearby workplaces, which beautifully define the landscape of the NSDMwharf. However, once entering this workplace it turns out to be merely built on illusion and imagination, which disorientate in a curious and playful manner.

The opening of Maze de Boer’s Inside Outside  (outside Nieuw Dakota) and Depth of Field # 3 (inside Nieuw Dakota) will take place on Eastern Monday, April 17th at 16:00 h.

Inside  Outside en Depth of Field #3 are supported by: