Zero Now

NulNu showed young inquisitive art in which, just as with the artists from the International Nul / ZERO – movement – the inspiration source of ycca – a radical approach of art and reality is predominant. The exhibition showcased a careful selection of works by the Dutch artist Annesas Appel and the Chinese artist Lu Xinjian.

On Sunday, October 11th 2015 at 4 pm the exhibition was opened by Magriet Schavemaker, Head of Collections and Research at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The exhibition was a collaboration with the foundation ycca (Yssel centre for contemporary art) and was on show from October 11th until November 8th 2015.

Lu Xinjian and Annesas Appel At first glance their artwork seems abstract, but then the visual language becomes evident , relating very closely to the core of our awareness. Lu and Appel have in common that they attempt to form the world through visual systems. Appel does so through drawn shape analyses of maps, Lu through the iconification of ground plans of geographic areas. Appel makes use of frontiers and lakes, while Lu focuses on the growth traces of the city.

The exhibition also showcased works by the Nul-artists Henk Peeters and Herman de Vries. In this way NulNu juxtaposed the exhibition ZERO: LET US EXPLORE THE STARS, that took place in the Stedelijk Musuem Amsterdam from July 4th until  November 8th.