A Couch to Match the Painting

11 JANUARY – 1 MARCH 2015                          –   Opening: 11 January at 3 pm   –       Artists: Henk Stallinga & Jan van der Ploeg

Stallinga evades the reproach that he is merely reversing the ressentiment against the couch painting. In fact, it’s not the subject of the painting that serves as a model for the couch, but its material properties as picture carrier. The painting consists of a stretcher frame and canvas – and Henk Stallinga designs his couch using the same “carrier materials”.

Therefore, Stallinga reduces the painting to what it really is: an object made of the materials stretcher frame and canvas. The couch rigorously follows this anti-illusionist impulse: the square bars of the substructure are clearly visible, the fabric – like a canvas – is simply stretched over the construction for the seats, back and armrests. So the connection between the couch and the painting is not being affirmed, but stripped down to its constituent parts and redefined.