Food Chain Project

9 NOVEMBER – 14 DECEMBER 2014                     –   Opening: 6 November at 4:00 pm   – Artist: Itamar Gilboa

With his Food Chain Project, Itamar Gilboa raises awareness about food consumption and the sources of food. Taking himself as a starting point, Gilboa registered his consumption for the period of a year. He then translated this to a pop-up supermarket: an installation of thousands of stark white sculptures, representing exactly what he consumed. By exposing the scale and the volume of the consumed mass on a meta level, a powerful perspective is given on eating habits and consumption behaviour. With the Food Chain Project, Gilboa disconnects consumption from marketing and branding. The project focuses on food itself and its consumption. Every individual part of the installation, from chicken leg and garlic bulb to milk carton, can be purchased during the exhibition. Part of the income will be donated to organisations dealing with the world food problem, such as Fairfood International and Youth Food Movement.

Gilboa: ‘What I consumed is turned into art, which when sold becomes food again thereby creating a food chain’.