5 OCTOBER – 2 NOVEMBER 2014                     –   Opening: 5 October at 4:00 pm   –   Artist: Marieke van Diemen  /  Author: Tim Abeling Lesson

About the text: “Noord. Death off stage.” Raw, precise, uncompromising; TimeZone is a paean to an icon: the building Kraanspoor. And an attempt at an aesthetic, accepting the futility of the attempt. Fundamental questions will be covered in doing so, but not as a discourse or essay; the contingency of meaning —“Meaning is a fool, a birdbrain. Alive in every direction”— in the field of poetry, philosophy and essay being too complex. Too fluent. Thoughts are dirt; only questions have wings. And they use them. Now a whirling dance of themes, then a monument of compacted meaning, TimeZone is in its fugue-like architecture a poetical equivalent of what Kraanspoor is to Amsterdam-Noord.

About the image: The camera always captures more than the eye. Perception, the exhibit in relation to the beholder; the museum as being perception institutionalised: these are central themes in the work of Marieke van Diemen. Her project in progress, the ‘Museum View Series’, takes the museum window as the departure point. A compendium of convention, the museum shows our perception as culture-made. For the camera, however, the windowpane is a canvas. TimeZone developes this even further: The unseen triggers the unpredictable. Within the clear-cut frame of Kraanspoor, these images explore our denial in dealing with the world: they open us to our world.