Nieuw Dakota is not only special because of its unique collaborations, but also duo to its unique location. Situated on the IJ and in the historical area of the NDSM wharf. Nieuw Dakota is located in a former warehouse, a bold, industrial space. The space leaves a strong impression.

Aside from the exhibition space, Nieuw Dakota also has a meeting room which is available for renting every day. The meeting room is on the first floor, overlooking the IJ and the industrial surroundings of the NDSM wharf. The space is ideal for meetings, workshops or brainstorm sessions.

Nieuw Dakota offers you:

  • An inspiring space for out-of-the-box thinking.
  • A complementary guided tour of our exhibition for you and your guests.
  • Special requests concerning catering or technical facilities can be met.
  • The space is 37 m2 (8,5m x 4,3m), and gives room to approximately twenty persons.
  • By renting our meeting room you simultaneously support our cultural initiative.

The exhibition space is available on request and depending on the programming. It is suitable for groups of up to 150 persons within the context of special revenues, receptions, photo shoots or symposia.