Far Away Close By (exercises in the translocal)

March 16, 2018  |  Exhibitions, General, Upcoming

Image: Victory garden, London, WWII, part of the research project of Sarah van Lamsweerde 

Far Away Close By (exercises in the translocal) is a research project in public space in Amsterdam North, resulting in a group presentation of the participating artistsin Spring 2019, it’s name being a metaphor for the dynamics between the city and the countryside and global developments that are connected with this subject. Consciousness of the fact that the local and global have mutual influence are central to the project and expressed in the word ‘translocal’. Participating artists: Sarah van Lamsweerde, Aimée Zito Lema and Elisa van Joolen, Marisca Voskamp van Noord, Judith Westerveld and Marjet Zwaans. Far Away Close By is kindly supported by: