Charlotte Schleiffert's fantasy creatures have gathered in a circle. Is this a ritual performance, a fraternising gathering, or will it end in a murderous brawl?

The exhibition Tolerance Test brings the monumental drawings of Schleiffert to life with light and sound.

In these large drawings – some more than 3.5 metres high – erratic and flamboyant human-animal beings depict current social themes such as inequality, power, mass media, consumerism, eroticism, status and identity.

The group portrait shows us the dynamics that make and break society: a power game that makes our world so fascinating, inspiring and at the same time so treacherous. With this tolerance test, we can ask ourselves how far we want to engage with the injustice and inequality demonstrated by Schleiffert's fantasy figures – or are they just people?


Wednesday 8 June, 8:00 p.m.
Sunday 12 June, 3:00 p.m.

A special presentation of Tolerance Test takes place on two occasions, whereby the exhibition is the subject and backdrop of a performance. This performance is played by actress Kimberley Agyarko, with text by Rick Steggerda and direction by Mara van Vlijmen.

The performance (duration: 60 minutes) consists of a succession of scenes in which Agyarko is confronted with the voices of the fantasy beings: philosophers, identities from the past, opinions, thoughts of the writer and opinions from the media. How does the actress relate to this from her own identity and background.

Charlotte Schleiffert

Charlotte Schleiffert (Tilburg, 1967) studied at the Academy of Art and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch and De Ateliers in Amsterdam. She received the Prix de Rome and the Jeanne Oosting Prize for painting and gained international fame with dozens of solo exhibitions in museums around the world. Her work is sometimes about love, but more often about power and its expression in the form of violence, intolerance and enduring power in a state of alienation and poverty.

Schleiffert is praised for her overwhelming portraits on paper and the personal and powerful view that her work gives of inequality in the world. In addition to drawings and paintings, Schleiffert also makes installations and sculptures. Schleiffert once moved to Rotterdam on the assumption ‘that it was all happening there’. Since then, she has made her home and studio in the former streetwalking zone in the port area.


Drawings: Charlotte Schleiffert
Curator: Johan Idema
Text: Rick Steggerda
Narrator (exhibition): Romana Vrede
Game (performance): Kimberley Agyarko
Director (performance): Mara van Vlijmen
Votes: Roos Bottinga, Anne-Linde Bruijs, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Derron Lurvink, Marius Mensink, Astrid van Eck
Decor and lighting design: Theun Mosk and Marjolijn Brouwer/Ruimtetijd
Decorative construction: Merijn Versnel/Soultech 
Sound: Bo Koek/Touki Delphine
Production management: Maaike Spits/Ruimtetijd
Technical production: Martijn van Nunen/Ruimtetijd
Technology: Jeroen Hoekstra, Douwe Bulten, Bram Anneveldt, Cas Dekker/Ruimtetijd

Tolerance Test is made possible by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Gemeente Amsterdam, SEC Stichting Cultuur en Educatie, BNG Cultuurfonds, Fonds 21, Fonds Podiumkunsten and Mondriaan Fonds.

Tolerance Test is an initiative of curator/cultural entrepreneur Johan Idema, in collaboration with Charlotte Schleiffert and scenographer Theun Mosk/Ruimtetijd.