Nieuw Dakota is a platform for contemporary art on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North. We program exhibitions, organise special events and realise temporary projects in public space. We direct ourselves towards national and international collaborations with artists, curators, galleries and institutions. Projects are realised after thorough research, deliberation and collaboration. Through this process Nieuw Dakota forms an innovative, diverse and stimulating contribution to the cultural climate of Amsterdam and beyond.

Nieuw Dakota began pioneering almost five years ago, with a name referring to the adventurous spirit of the Midwest. A network of friends and ambassadors – the Pioneers – has since supported us in the form of council and finance. Dakota means ‘friend’ or ‘friendly’ in the language of the Sioux Indians – the indigenous people – and in the etymologic dictionary it is translated with ‘ally’. During the subsequent five years we will expand the Pioneers with new friends; the Allies.

For the continuation of Nieuw Dakota financial support of individuals and businesses is essential. Become a Pioneer or Ally by informing with one of our employees or e-mailing to and help actively support us.

For Pioneers and Allies we organise gallery visits, artist talks and you will be invited for previews. You will be able to utilize our (conference) space and garden with a discount and your name or logo will be featured on our wall of fame on our website and printings.